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Skin issues can occur anywhere on the body. From your head to your toes, vitiligo, eczema, birthmarks and the like can occur. This includes your legs! Wearing shorts or going to the beach can be embarrassing if you have such a leg condition. With Simulated Skin, we deliver expert and customized results, making us the best leg makeup on the market.

Simulated Skin is a personalized liquid cosmetic. Personalized to the degree that we scan the healthy skin, match that skin tone, and match you up with a makeup that suits your skin perfectly. Once applied, the Simulated Skin camouflages legs, and you do not see the skin condition present. Simulated Skin acts like a “second skin” to the degree it looks like your own skin, it moves with you, and doesn’t look makeup-y. Instead, it looks fresh and natural.

The Best Leg Makeup

The “second skin” can be applied in one of two ways. The airbrush technique, which is better suited for larger skin conditions on the leg. You spray a fine mist of Simulated Skin on the legs with an airbrush machine. If you have a smaller condition on the legs, you can use our stippling method, in which you apply Simulated Skin with a stippling sponge. Once applied, Simulated Skin dries quickly, and will stay on for up to a whole week. Finally, a long-lasting leg makeup. Great results make Simulated Skin the best leg makeup. Your cosmetic is waterproof, so feel free to shower, or exercise and perspire all you want! Simulated Skin is also rub-proof, so you do not have to worry about it getting on your clothes or fabrics of any kid.  You may remove Simulated Skin at your discretion with our alcohol-based remover.

We here at Simulated Skin invite you to look at our Before and After gallery, and see just how well Simulated Skin covers. Call us or e-mail us with questions or to book a consultation now. Get the best leg cosmetic out now!


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