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Selecting Simulated Skin as a makeup to cover acne scars is one of the best choices you can make given the fact that Simulated Skin is so well-rounded in being able to cover acne scars effectively. If you are like most people looking for a makeup to cover acne scars, then chances are you want something that is light, flexible, natural looking and is easily applied and maintained – these are all things that Simulated Skin is especially great at.

Makeup to Cover Acne Scars

Simulated Skin is easily applied to any area of the body where you may have acne scars, including the face, chest and back. The application of our product is light and doesn’t look blotchy or thick and heavy like most concealer creams do. Simulated Skin is blended to custom match your own skin tone so you don’t have to worry about mixing colors or colors that don’t match your skin at all. This is done by a specialized process we use that involves a computer scan of your skin; from this we can create a color that matches your own skin without flaw that provides you with the most organic and natural looking cover up that’s possible.

Once Simulated Skin is applied over your acne scars, it will act as a layer of second skin that conceals the scars while still allowing the skin to receive air and breathe regularly. Once it is applied to your skin the product is completely waterproof, it won’t rub off at all and can lasts for upwards of a few days per application.

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