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If you have been searching for a treatment for Vitiligo, then we understand how frustrating it can be since not much is known about how to cure vitiligo or treat vitiligo completely. Instead, we offer a product called Simulated Skin that can help to conceal and hide vitiligo which we believe is an effective solution to use while individuals try and make progress on curing their own vitiligo through the use of diet, medicines and other treatments. Many people who use Simulated Skin find a lot of happiness and joy in being able to cover up their vitiligo whenever they need to. We find that being able to help others cover up their vitiligo brings back much self esteem and confidence.

Treatment for Vitiligo – Temporary Vitiligo Cover Up

Vitiligo is a disease that is believed to be an auto-immune disorder which causes either large, small or medium sections of skin to experience a depigmentation, or loss of color. Simulated Skin can help treat vitiligo by covering up the areas of your skin that have been afflicted by vitiligo. This is done by having one of our trained and skilled technicians taking a computerized scan of the sections of your skin that have not been afflicted by vitiligo. Once we do this, then we can create a mixture of Simulated Skin based on the color of your healthy skin that will in fact be used to hide and conceal the portions of your skin that have been afflicted by vitiligo.

We always have a lot of people asking us exactly what Simulated Skin is so it’s important that we do our best to explain it here. Simulated Skin can be called a makeup even though we don’t really consider it one. Simulated Skin creates a barrier of second skin that is applied over the top-most layer of your natural skin. For a good example of what you can expect, please see our Before and After page by clicking here.

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  • Michael says:

    Vitiligo is a long lasting disease which causes skin lightening in the form of patches. It takes place when melanin producing cells die or are unable to operate. It occurs due to the loss of pigment and affects one in every two hundred people. The people, who are affected by vitiligo develop white patches on their skin. It affects the people of all races and ages equally.

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