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Tattoo Cover NYC and Pasadena California

Simulated Skin is one of the best ways to cover up a tattoo for any occasion. This is because Simulated Skin is a way to temporarily cover up tattoos (such as for weddings, jobs, special events etc) that gives you full control over how you apply the product and can remove it. A single application of Simulated Skin to your tattoo can last up to a few days before the natural oils in your skin begin to break it down. However, once you cover your tattoo, you will instantly notice that it helps to conceal it. The other added benefit is that Simulated Skin can be specifically matched to the color of your skin so that the cover looks as natural and unobtrusive as possible. Additionally, in case you want to remove Simulated Skin manually you can always do so with a special alcohol based solution that we can provide.

Tattoo Cover NYC and Tattoo Cover Los Angeles California

The following is a list of things that, in our experience, Simulated Skin can potentially help cover up tattoos for:

* Wedding tattoo cover ups.

* Covering up tattoos for job interviews, meetings and special events/functions.

* Covering up tattoos for the beach, outdoor events and other similar functions.

* Being able to conceal tattoos for things such as TV appearances, acting and other auditions and all other sorts of public appearance work. A lot of people who work in the Media such as newscasters and reporters can use it to conceal tattoos and other skin imperfections as well.

* Being able to hide tattoos for certain events in Sports. Even people who participate in things such as dancing, bodybuilding competitions and other similar types of events can benefit from using Simulated Skin.

And the list continues to go on and will include just about anything that you can imagine. Of course, for the most definitive answer, it’s very important that you E-Mail us a picture of the tattoo(s) you were looking to cover at info@Simulated so that we may evaluate it and give you our best opinion as to whether or not we believe that Simulated Skin is right for you. Even if you’re unsure, please feel free to inquire and ask us any questions and we’d be glad to help!

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