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One of the most common things people who have the skin disorder known as Vitiligo are searching for is the best Vitiligo cover up that they can find. The fact of the matter is that covering up Vitiligo has become much easier these days, especially when using Simulated Skin. Let’s see why!

Vitiligo Cover Up – How Simulated Skin Works

Often times, you may hear about Simulated Skin being referred to as a “simulated second skin”, this is because it’s an advanced system that works to cover the top-most layer of skin in order to conceal and hide most skin imperfections. The main aspect of Simulated Skin that sets it apart from most other traditional cover up, concealing and makeup products is that it is entirely waterproof and allows your skin to breathe naturally (which is in itself a very vital part of skin healing and skin health).

Simulated Skin itself is not a “cream” and so it doesn’t carry the effects that applying most other types of makeup products and concealers do. This is because Simulated Skin is a specially designed formula that is precisely color matched to your skin; the product itself goes onto your skin as a liquid and is able to provide visibly noticeable differences instantly.

This makes it one of the best Vitiligo cover up options available because it’s perfectly designed for such a task. A technician is able to scan an area of your skin that hasn’t been touched by the Vitiligo and from this scan, a precisely matched color formula is created to cover and conceal the portions of skin that have been touched by the Vitiligo. The end result is that once Simulated Skin is applied, your skin is left looking as natural and harmonious as possible.

There’s also one more significant advantage that Simulated Skin has to offer people trying to cover up Vitiligo: It doesn’t rub off. Once it’s applied, it will naturally begin to wear off as the oils of the skin break it down over time. However, unlike most other cover up creams, it won’t rub off when you actually go to hug somebody or get close to them!


  • Jessica fuentes says:

    What is the price of make up vitiligo

  • Simulated Skin says:

    Hi Jessica,

    The price always varies depending on many factors.

    We recommend that you give us a call at 212-779-4000 so that we can talk and learn a little bit more about you – this should help us give you the most accurate pricing information.

    Thank you!

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